Configure Local Yum repos: KodeKloud Engineer Task


The Nautilus production support team and security team had a meeting last month in which they decided to use local yum repositories for maintaing packages needed for their servers. For now they have decided to configure a local yum repo on Nautilus Backup Server. This is one of the pending items from last month, so please configure a local yum repository on Nautilus Backup Server as per details given below.

a. We have some packages already present at location /packages/downloaded_rpms/ on Nautilus Backup Server.

b. Create a yum repo named epel_local and make sure to set Repository ID to epel_local. Configure it to use package’s location /packages/downloaded_rpms/.

c. Install package wget from this newly created repo.


Step 1: At first login to backup server as “root” with command: ssh clint@stbkp01

Step 2:  Switch to  root user : sudo su -

Step 3: Run Below command to   check is there  already any yum repository is available 

yum repolist 

Step 4: If there is no repo you need to create local repo  as per the task.

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/localyum.repo

Step 5: Please add the location of the downloaded rpms folder. It should resemble output below:

enabled = 1
gpgcheck = 0

Repository ID= epel_local

Step 6: Run command createrepo /yum_local/

To clean all run

yum clean all

Step 7: After file saved please run yum repolist  to check create repo listed 

Step 8: As per the task install package using the following command:

yum install --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo= “epel_local” wget

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